Speed is the New Currency

Owning a panel shop today is a challenge and I think everyone would agree that if you haven’t refined, re-refined and re-refined every process from admin to detailing making them as slick as possible your destiny is a scary reality! That’s why I am addicted to car refinish workshop efficiency and aesthetics, below are 5 simple cost effective solutions to make you FAST!

  1. Order Online – Why do we wait for the reps, tool vans or send our office girl off to buy stationary when you have it all at your fingertips on a website with SPEEDY Delivery times?
  2. Parts Carts – Always assign a parts cart to every job even if it’s a small one. It saves you money, makes it quicker to re-assemble and keeps your workshop tidy which always makes an efficient team.
  3. Wall Storage – Believe it or not, a large number of auto body shops do not use their space wisely. By using wall mounted bumper, panel and glass racks. You will reduce breakages & space restraints.
  4. Retractable Cables & Hoses – Typically all retractable units are considered from a safety prospective. But I see them as efficient! How many times do you go chasing a electrical cable, air hose or water hose? To often!
  5. Rapid Repairs – Set up a rapid repair division and use a paintTROTTER to take small paint jobs out of your booth resulting in higher turnover & faster throughput.

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