HSR Rapid Repair Booth Case Study

HSR is a successful panel shop in Toowoomba with a eye for quality and success. Holmes took possession of a paintTROTTER unit in October 2015 and haven’t looked back. The mobile booth has streamlined their paint shop that already has a drive through Lowbake down draft booth and a Seetal downdraft Booth.


HSR has seen a conservative increase of 2 cars per day through the paint shop taking their throughput up by 20% which directly effects the bottom line.

Running Costs

The paintTROTTER has a 2.5kw Siemens 3 phase motor and four 58w fluorescent light tubes costing  $0.90/ hour of electricity (based on tariff 20 at $0.25 kwh). In comparison to their two other conventional booths which cost $2.50 / hour which brings the paintTROTTER’s power consumption in at a mere 36%!

Tricks of the Trade

It is possible to paint anything, just be creative – guards, doors, quarter panels, beaver tails, boots, bumpers, bull bars, trims, motor bikes + more.

Common practice for increased volume is to do the bumpers in the booth with other jobs and while one job is baking in the conventional booth you can be painting another in the paintTROTTER.

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