Why Every Auto Body Shop Should Own a paintTROTTER

The paintTROTTER is a innovative piece of Spanish brilliance and workmanship designed to produce a finish equivalent to a conventional booth. In this ever growing, competitive world of panel beating, everyone would agree that throughput would have to be one of the most critical ingredients to making a honest buck – this is where the paintTROTTER shows its colours. Behind the offices of most busy auto body shops is a hard working team trying to push out as many cars as they can while upholding the reputation of quality and consistency. But there are a few bottle necks that are very difficult to eliminate and one of those is ‘Booth Time’, Familiar term?

Its simple to implement, just use your main booths to do everything the paintTROTTER can’t! This will relieve your booths of all the small jobs which take just as long to bake as some of the large paint jobs and while you have one job drying in the booth you can be painting another in the paintTROTTER. Other shops have a designated painter just to run the mobile booth and to concentrate on all the small jobs while the other painters take the large jobs. This makes the small jobs become more affordable, quicker and in turn increase your capacity. TIP – if you have a quarter panel, guard or tailgate with a bumper bar to paint, paint the panels in the paintTROTTER and the bar in the main booth with another job.

Another Saving…….A conventional booth on average is big enough to fully respray a large car and to bake it using a considerable amount of power, filter & consumables. The paintTROTTER takes this all to a new level…with very low power consumption & small filter size the running costs are considerably lower making those small jobs far more profitable. More coin ha! 🙂


How?  The paintTROTTER uses five filters to filter the air from all impurities. The machine is sealed to the vehicle using a plastic film which continues over the floor creating a clean enclosure.

Mobile? The spotting booth is fitted with large, locking castor wheels giving the machine mobility around the workshop and the flexibility of pushing it aside while not in use.

Dust? From many customers  the comment has been “No more dust than a normal booth”. The booth has a positive air pressure preventing the entry of dust particles.

Power? The unit has a Siemens 2.2kw electric motor which needs a standard 10amp 3 phase 5 pin Outlet.

Jobs? Boot & Beaver Tail, Cant Rail, Quarter Panel, Guards, Bumper Bars, Door Blends, Tail Gates & most panels on stands.

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