Vehicle segregation barriers

Vehicle Segregation Barriers

Vehicle segregation barriers are used to provide a physical contamination barrier between persons travelling in the same vehicle.

Being clear they maintain full driver safety and passenger comfort allowing visual communication and monitoring for total peace of mind.

Ideal for fleet services such as mining operations, paid rides or ride shares the Vehicle Segregation Barrier provides a peace of mind for companies that their drivers and passengers are safe from contamination. Segregate drivers and passengers to maintain distancing rules.

Used For

  • Isolation of chemicals
  • Isolation of airborne contaminants
  • Virus control
  • Maintenance of isolation protocols
  • General risk mitigation

Used By

  • Commercial fleets
  • Taxi and paid rides / Uber
  • Shared rides
  • Public transport

Kit Contains

  • Barrier custom cut to vehicle
  • Fixing kit
  • Instructions
  • After sales support

* available for all vehicles, some unique vehicles may require extra fitment design, please work with our team for the best result.