Are You Taking Action to Prevent Occupational Skin Disease?

Did you know that Occupational Skin Disease is the second most common work-related disease presented to general practitioners in Australia?  

Skin exposure to harsh chemicals, abrasive material or drying elements is the main cause of occupational skin disease and a serious workplace health issue that is often overlooked in industries such as automotive repair.

Studies by Safe Work Australia have found that smaller workplaces were less likely than large workplaces to provide control measures for chemical and wet work exposure despite the large economic impact it can have on small business.

But there is good news. Occupational Contact Dermatitis is a completely preventable disease through the introduction of a simple workplace skin care solution.

The industrial strength hand cleaner range by Greven Skin Care Solutions is backed by over 90 years of continuous research and product development and provides a complete cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for your workshop. Their revolutionary 3-step solution is designed to remove the toughest grease, grime and dirt without using aggressive scrubbing agents or harsh solvents.

Greven Skin Care Solutions


Avoiding harsh chemicals, irritants and sensitizers is an important step for maintaining proper skin integrity. Using an effective Greven pre-work cream can help keep the skin from irritation and prevent excessive absorption from work place contaminants.


Cleaning the skin of dirt, grease, grime and contaminants is fundamental to maintaining healthy skin and overall wellness. Peter Greven’s wide selection of skin care formulations provide the power to clean and dissolve the toughest of dirt without aggressing scrubbing or the use of harsh solvents.


Skin that’s continuously exposed to harsh chemicals, abrasive material or drying elements becomes depleted of its natural moisture and integrity.  Regular use of Greven’s high quality skin conditioners helps restore the skin to its natural elasticity preventing rough and cracked hands.


Berlex Industrial are now proudly stocking the Greven Skin Care Solutions range. Why not trial the products in your workshop today – receive a complimentary portion-control dispenser with your first order!

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