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Infrared Dryers

Since 1990, Lagos has been developing dryers for use in a broad range of industries including the aeronautical, railway, renewable energy, outdoor heating and the automotive sectors.

They have developed a wide range of shortwave infrared dryers made with the best components of the market and manufactured under strict quality inspections. Lagos infrared dryers are perfect for quick body repair services and can increase the production capacity of any workshop. The new “Gold Series” features a simple computerised panel with several presets, allowing you to control and regulate heat timing and distribution in the drying process.

Shortwave technology

Infrared systems have different types of wavelength: long, medium and short. The fundamental difference between the three types of waves is in the penetration through the paint coat, with shortwave having the deepest penetration. Lagos infrared dryers use shortwave technology to reduce drying times and energy consumption.


Most automotive body repairs are performed on small and medium damage to the front, rear and sides of vehicles. Traditional spray booths are often used to dry these small surfaces, causing heavy energy consumption and bottleneck situations on the workflow.

Infrared dryers are a more efficient and effective to dry small areas, directly heating the treated part in a few minutes.


  • Ideal to dry small to medium surfaces
  • Time saver (30 minutes less than traditional spray booths)
  • Energy saving
  • Better drying quality and finishing
  • Inside-out drying process generates better paint grip
  • 100% compatible with water-based paints

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Currently available in two versions.



Analog control panel
Distance sensor
1,1 KW lamps (each)



Digital control panel with presets
Distance sensor
Temperature sensor
2 KW lamps (each)