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* Powder Coated Steel
* 1875 mm high frame
* 3 shelves – 1030mm x 550mm
* 2 x 600mm arms
* 6 “S” shape hooks.
* 4 x 4inch Pu Castors(Two Swivel With Brake)



Holmes Smash Repairs has over 50 of the Berlex Head-On Parts cart at our two facilities.

They form an essential part of our process. A (or sometimes more) Head-On cart follows every vehicle through the crash repair process with us.

The ability to hang panels from them along with the volume of parts they can hold on the many shelves make them a very useful piece of equipment.

They are effective in ensuring no parts are lost and an efficient and space saving way to store parts.

We would highly recommend them to anyone considering using them in their panel shop.


Simon Wendland

Holmes Smash Repairs