1500mm L x 150mm W Orange Bunding


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Each piece is 150cm long x 15cm wide x 2.5cm high.

This is a custom made to order product.


Tuff Bund heavy-duty workshop bunding is used to create custom-sized floor bunds or drive-over containment bunds in workshops, storage facilities, warehouses and factories.

Tough and flexible, Tuff Bund is suitable for high traffic areas and locations exposed to all weather conditions. This workshop bunding is an excellent barrier across doorways, bunding drums or around machines to keep leaks and drips contained. Use in warehouses, factories or workshops on sealed surfaces.

Tough and flexible – can be driven over by forklifts, trucks and heavy machinery.
Polyurethane construction is resistant to most oils, fuels and chemicals – ideal for use indoors or outdoors when exposed to all weather conditions.
Tuff Bund workshop bunding can be used for straight-line bunding or mitred to change direction – easily cut using a fine tooth saw.
Each piece is 150cm long x 15cm wide x 2.5cm high.
Simple to install by semi-skilled personnel – fix to concrete using heavy-duty flexible sealant /adhesive and concrete anchors for long term use in arduous conditions.
Installation kit starter pack contains bund cleaner, floor degreaser, caulking gun, wipes, installation instructions and a set of MSDS.

Tuff Bund workshop bunding is also available in smaller 1.0m (100cm) strips.

Tuff Bund semi-permanent bunding creates a barrier or containment area for the storage of drums, tanks, machinery and equipment. Semi-permanent bunding is a low-cost option to concrete bunding.