Poorly Managed Hoses and Cables - A Common Cause of Industrial Injury

Did you know that falls, trip and slips as a result of poorly managed hoses and cables are a common cause of industrial injury?

Hose Reels are a simple workplace solution that can have a large impact on increasing safety, improving efficiency and reducing workplace accidents.

Installing Hose Management Systems will:

  • Reduce trips and falls resulting from stray hoses and cables left about on the floor
  • Reduce slips caused by hose leakage
  • Reduce ergonomic injury as a result of moving awkward, heavy hoses
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs by protecting hoses from damage
  • Increase efficiency by creating an organised workplace

ReCoila offers high-quality hose and cable management solutions for your workplace reducing risk and providing workers a more effective means of handling, hoses and cables and lowering maintenance costs.

ReCoila’s stringent in-house and independent testing procedures along with over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hose and cable reels, ensures all ReCoila reels are built to perform and outlast their competitors.

The comprehensive ReCoila product range includes Australian-made polypropylene and heavy duty steel reels as well as hand-picked reels from some of the world’s best quality manufacturers.

View Berlex Industrial’s range of ReCoila Hose Reels (Air Reel, Cord Reel & Hot Water Cord-Hose Reel) in our online store.


Recoila Hose Reels

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