When you’re investing in our patented paintTROTTER mobile rapid repair spray booth, you can feel confident you are purchasing a piece of equipment that is backed by world-class industry professionals.

The Berlex Industrial patented paintTROTTER is designed and manufactured in Spain by global surface treatment innovators, Equipos Lagos.

Boasting over 30 years of experience, Lagos specialise in the design and implementation of equipment and products for surface treatment processes such as sanding, metallic coating, shot-blasting, painting and drying.

Lagos supplies to more than 20 countries and have been integral to technological development across the aeronautical, automobile, renewables, railway, wood, and manufacturing sectors.

Why choose Lagos?

  1. Lower Costs: Innovative equipment optimisation processes results in savings on energy, consumables and maintenance costs for your business.
  2. Technology: Lagos products have been tested and adopted by global leaders such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche & Airbus. They are one of the only companies to be present across all industries requiring surface treatment resulting in a ‘big-picture’ vision which ultimately benefits your business.
  3. Low Carbon Footprint: low environmental impact on the life cycle of Lagos products (ISO 14022)
  4. Safety Standards: The paintTROTTER is compliant with Australian Standards including airflow 0.25ms, electrical wiring & switching, safety switching, clearance time, and VOC’s.


paintTROTTER Mobile Spray Booth | Equipos Lagos

Find out more about our high-performance paintTROTTER at https://berlexindustrial.com.au/solutions/mobile-spray-booths

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