Create a Safe and Efficient Workshop with PVC Containment Curtains

Want to increase the cleanliness and efficiency of your workshop?

Not only is splash, spray, and dust control important to minimise hazards in the workplace, it is also often difficult and time consuming to clean up, reducing your workshop efficiency.

PVC Containment Curtains are a simple but innovative solution provided by Berlex Industrial aimed at increasing workshop productivity, which in turn improves workflow and generates cost savings for your business.

The curtains create a flexible barrier for splash and dust control across a wide-range of automotive workshop applications, including wash, prep, tint, and aluminium bays.

They feature customisable flexible plastic strips which allow full access to the curtained area as well as maximum containment. People, trolleys, and forklifts can easily pass through the strip curtains, with the flexible plastic strips simply falling back into place upon exit to re-establish the required barrier.

Supplied by industry leader Flexshield, our PVC Containment Curtains are manufactured to Australian standards. Only high-quality materials are used including chemical and UV resistant clear diaphlex PVC, as well as non-corrosive aluminium and stainless steel mounting components.

Designs are completely custom made to suit your specific workshop requirements, ensuring the correct solution is supplied for the right application. Optional extras such as coloured vinyl and flexible high quality floor bunding to contain water are also available.


For more information on our range of Custom Flexshield PVC Containment Curtains, visit or contact us on 1800 680 603 to discuss a solution for your workshop.

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