4 Top Tips for Keeping your Customers’ Cars Clean and Organised

We all know that working on vehicles can create a huge mess and at times can be quite chaotic but did you know that if an auto repair shop appears unclean and disorganised it rings alarm bells for current and potential customers.

A clean and organised workshop is a good sign of effective management and a team of staff who take pride in their work. Customers will immediately connect the cleanliness of the workshop to how you are going to treat their vehicle.

Make sure to keep you customer’s cars clean and organised by putting in place these 4 simple steps:

1.Use paper floor mats and disposable seat covers in vehicles while in the repair shop. There’s nothing worse than receiving your car back from the workshop only to have to clean grease off your pride and joy. 

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2. ID tags attached to customers’ car keys are the most effective way to keep track of which keys belong to which car. Our tear-off plastic tags are the perfect size to write down job number or registration details. They’re made from durable PVC and come in cost-effective packs of 1,000 in a variety of colours.

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3. Disposable plastic car covers are a great way to ensure the exterior of your customers’ vehicles are free from any damage in the workshop. Elasticised edging around the cover ensures a tight fit to protect against dirt, dust, grime, and bad weather – perfect for protecting vehicles from paint or power wash over spray.

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4. Keep track of panels, glass, and other car parts by using chalk and ink pens to mark. Check out the range of Posca water-based markers in our online store. These markers won’t easily scratch or wash off in the rain and can simply be removed with a damp cloth, leaving no residue.

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