Infrared dryers are an indispensable tool for any automotive repair workshop, reducing the time it takes to dry paint on quick body repair services and increasing production capacity.


Do you know that infrared dryers are available in three different types of wavelengths and how can you differentiate these types?

If not, read on …


Infrared dryers are available with long, medium and short wavelengths.

The major difference between these three types of wavelengths is the depth of penetration through the paint coat, with shortwave having the deepest penetration.


This gives shortwave infrared dryers three distinct advantages over long and medium wavelength dryers:

  1. Reduced drying times

Shortwave infrared dryers are more efficient and effective to dry small areas, directly heating the treated part in a few minutes. Our research shows that shortwave drying of each paint coat takes less than 15 minutes, compared to other drying systems which can take up to 45 minutes to dry each paint coat.

  1. Reduced energy consumption

Shortwave infrared dryers have a lower energy consumption than other dryers, reducing your energy cost per job and improving your profit margin.

  1. Better drying quality and finishing

Shortwave infrared dryers facilitate an inside-out drying process, which generates better paint grip and promotes better drying quality and finishing.


Infrared Dryers

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