When combined with UV reactive paints, ultraviolet light is the most effective way to dry primers and clear coats on most surfaces.

The use of our UV LED Curing Lamps offer auto body repair businesses many advantages, ultimately saving time and money, while improving quality and consistency of the finished job.

Here’s our top 10 reasons to invest in our UV LED Curing Lamps:

  1. Workshop efficiencies – Our UV LED Curing Lamps offer the fastest curing method with drying time reduced to only 3 minutes per coat.
  2. Reduction in energy costs – UV LED lamps convert electrical energy more efficiently with minimum energy required for the process (100 W per lamp).
  3. High-quality finish – Dramatically improves inks, coatings and adhesives with improved gloss, better scratch and abrasion resistance, and better chemical resistance.
  4. Extended lifespan – LED systems offer less-frequent lamp replacements with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours compared to the 800-hour lifespan of traditional UV lamps.
  5. Consistent Output – Over the lamp’s lifetime, the UV LED output remains stable, in comparison to traditional UV bulbs which degrade considerably over time.
  6. Improved Safety – The lamps generate no heat on the working surface and only emit UV-A rays.
  7. Flexibility – Enjoy better flexibility with movable lamp stands and the ability to set lamps up in different arrays.
  8. Quality Design – Designed and built in Europe by global surface treatment innovators, Equipos Lagos.
  9. Environmentally Friendly – The lamps emit only UV-A rays which means they do not generate any ozone. Lagos additionally have low environmental impact on the lifecycle of all of their products (ISO 14044).
  10. Safety Standards – All lamps are compliant with Australian Standards.


For more information on our range of UV LED Curing Lamps, visit  https://berlexindustrial.com.au/solutions/uv-dryers/ or contact us on 1800 680 603 or email [email protected].

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